The coal project that threatens Bimblebox was approved by the Queensland Government on 9 August 2013, and the Federal Government on 19 December 2013. Both consecutive levels of government in Australia are now allowing Bimblebox to be totally destroyed by mining. This is the first time since Nature Refuges were established that these conservation areas have been treated so poorly – as if they are ‘devoid of all vegetation’ (Clive Palmer’s phrase). There are also unfortunately many more Nature Refuges that seem set to receive the same treatment in the near future. Thus our combined efforts to safeguard Bimblebox Nature Refuge need eventually to take this test case to the point where we achieve proper legislation that will protect all high biodiversity value areas in Queensland, not only National Parks. Please let us know if you would like to get involved. Maybe you have skills that can help us out, even in practical terms on the refuge itself. There are also Bimblebox Documentary DVDs, our book Bimblebox – A Nature Refuge under Siege, “critters” (great Christmas gift!), and even t-shirts available (these have all been the initiatives of various Bimblebox supporters) all of which help fund our campaign. Our DVD and book are now on sale.

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