Paola Cassoni was interviewed on SBS Italian Radio (in Italiano!) about the Bimblebox Art Project, on 6th June 2014.

Paola Cassoni and neighbouring landholders were interviewed on ABC’s Four Corners program about the threats to biodiversity and groundwater from the proposed mines in the Galilee Basin, 25th Nov 2013

‘Water Battle Looms Over Australian Coal Development’ , By Paul Allen, Bloomberg, 18th Nov 2013

Steve Dooley, interviewed by Steve Austin on 20th July 2012, explains the significance of the Black-throated Finch on Bimblebox Nature Refuge (among other things). Listen here.

Paola Cassoni, part-owner of Bimblebox Nature Refuge, was interviewed by Ruby Vincent on the radio program ‘A Question of Balance’ in May 2012. Listen to the interview here.

Paul Donatiu, of the National Parks Association of Queensland, and Paola Cassoni, part-owner of Bimblebox Nature Refuge, were interviewed by Steve Austin on 612 ABC, on 7th May 2012. Listen to the interview here. They were given the opportunity to counter the misinformation peddled by Clive Palmer a week earlier.

Sharyn Munro, author of Rich Land, Wasteland: how coal is killing Australia, was interviewed by Phillip Adams on RN’s Land Night Live  on 23rd April 2012. She spoke at length about the predicament facing Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Listen to the interview here.

‘The future of Bimblebox’, Steve Austin interviews Paola Cassoni, 612 ABC Brisbane, 8th November 2011

‘Bird may halt Palmer mine project’, Matt Wordsworth interviews Eric Vanderduys, ABC, 21st Oct 2011

Larissa Waters asks questions regarding Bimblebox Nature Refuge to the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC), 17th October 2011


What was there to hide? Waratah Coal silences media in farce of ‘community consultation’, Sept 2010

Waratah Coal denied meaningful community engagement and scrutiny when a company official running a ‘consultation’ meeting in Clermont in September (2010) aggressively refused an independent international film-maker from recording the meeting – threatening to call the meeting to a close and accusing the film-maker of lying.

The official’s outburst flies in the face of Australian law, which stipulates that filming is allowed at such events. By taking the stance that he did, the Waratah official has given the definite impression that the company has something to hide.

Hear the film maker Mike O’Connell interviewed by ABC Capricornia here.