A Koala, Plum-Headed Finches and an Echidna on Bimblebox Nature Refuge

After several years of high rainfall there are some spectacular displays of life on Bimblebox. To share this, we are in the process of re-vamping our photos page.

The photo of the koala was taken by the previous owner of Bimblebox, sometime before 2000. The juvenile Plum-headed Finches and echidna were photographed by visitors to Bimblebox in mid 2012. It’s important to note that Plum-headed Finch commonly share habitat with Black-throated Finch, and this photo was taken within a few kilometres of where the Black-throated Finch were recorded last year.

On the campaign front, a Bimblebox supporter from Nambour has initiated two petitions. We invite people to sign them as it will be a good opportunity to remind our Governments the issue of mining on protected areas isn’t forgotten.

This petition is for the residents of Queensland, petition number 1930-12, closing date 27/11/2012:


And this other can be signed by anyone:

Thanks for your support

Life flourishes at Bimblebox, and supporter petitions