January 1st, 2010


This is the site for Bimblebox Nature Refuge, an 8,000 hectare property in the Desert Uplands Bioregion of Central West Queensland. For more information about the refuge, its ecology, its wildlife and its history, click the relevant tabs above. On this page, we post regular updates on the campaign to prevent Bimblebox Nature Refuge from being destroyed by a proposed massive thermal coal project, as well as updates on “life at the refuge” as we work to maintain the property’s conservation values, year in and year out through summer heat, drought, extreme fire risk, flooding rains, isolation… etc!

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Bimblebox Exhibition opens at Miles, Queensland

August 14th, 2014

The wonderful Bimblebox Exhibition has moved to Miles, where it will be on display at the Dogwood Crossing gallery until 23rd September 2014. Find more details on the Bimblebox Art Project page.

Bimblebox Art Exhibition opens at Redland Art Gallery 16 May, 2014

May 8th, 2014


Image: Donna Davis, REsource (detail) 2013, mixed media installation. Courtesy of the artist.

After two years of hard work both on site at Bimblebox and then back home in studios across the country, the Bimblebox artists are ready to launch their touring exhibition!!

The Bimblebox Team invites anyone interested in the enormous and sustained efforts of the Bimblebox Art Project to join Paola at the exhibition opening at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, Brisbane, next Friday May 16, 6pm. RSVP by Wednesday 14 May 2014 – (07) 3030 4163 or

The launch will include a performance from Alison Clouston and Boyd, and opening remarks from Dr Rod Fensham from the Queensland Herbarium and the University of Queensland’s Biological Sciences Department.

There is also a Bimblebox panel discussion and morning tea at Redland Art Gallery on Sunday May 18, from 11.30am. The exhibition will run in Cleveland until June 29.

About the exhibition: The “Bimblebox: art – science – nature” touring exhibition is about the Bimblebox Nature Refuge and its environmental, social and scientific significance. It is also an artist group’s creative response to their experience of a unique and threatened environment. The exhibition is rich, dynamic and diverse, including artworks in installation, works on paper, painting, artist books, photography, digital media and sound. Curated by Beth Jackson from a project initiated by artist Jill Sampson, it also includes notes on the ecology and social history of the refuge.

Live outside Brisbane? From July 2014 the exhibition will tour locations including Miles, Toowoomba, Gladstone, Mackay and Rockhampton in Qld, Bunbury in WA, Adelaide and Goolwa in SA, and Armidale and Manly in NSW.

Work with children or young people? There are some great curriculum connections in this exhibition. An Education Resource and Student Activities booklet are available on the Redlands Art Gallery website.

Flyer here and facebook event here.


Minister Hunt approves destruction of Bimblebox Nature Refuge

December 20th, 2013

On Friday 20th December Greg Hunt, the Federal Minister for the Environment, announced his conditional approval for Clive Palmer’s proposed Galilee Coal Project (aka China First). Despite  the decision being dated 19th December, it was not announced on the department’s website until 6pm the following day, the Friday before Christmas. There was also not the usual accompanying Ministerial press release. Was the Federal Government worried the news getting critical attention from journalists?

In making this decision the Federal Government has joined with the Queensland State Government in giving the green light for the destruction of Bimblebox Nature Refuge. This is despite the Bimblebox landholders having entered binding conservation agreements with both levels of government more than ten years ago. If this mine goes ahead, it would represent the most significant impact experienced on a nature refuge to date.

Minister Hunt’s decision comes as little surprise. Countless letters and submissions have been written in an effort to engage with the formal processes of assessment and decision making. But this result shows decisively that Australian governments would rather court coal interests than respect agreements signed with committed landholders to protect Australia’s precious biodiversity into the future.

Incredulously, this approval comes at the same time that Waratah Coal is facing an Environmental Protection Order for failing to rehabilitate their exploration bore holes. It suggests the company has a blatant disregard for the law that protects landholders and the environment, and we shudder to think what their standards will be like should the mine go ahead. Also, the fact that the government will need the Palmer United Party’s senate votes to pass future legislation, including the repeal of the carbon tax next year, raises serious questions as to the integrity of this decision.

To make matters worse, the Abbot Government together with Labor passed a law in mid-December that will make it difficult for this decision to be challenged in the Federal Court. A further blow came on Wednesday, 18th December, when Federal funding for the Environmental Defender’s Office was suddenly withdrawn. The playing field is that much more uneven now, with well-resourced companies (and self- proclaimed billionaires in the case of Clive Palmer) able to throw their ample funds into legal cases against landholders who have next to nothing. Is this how we want Australia to be?

But the fight to stop the Galilee Coal Project is far from over. Nature Refuge owners, local landholders, city based professionals and students, climate change campaigners and our small dedicated team of volunteers will not sit idle while coal mining is privileged over people and the environment.

What you can do now:

  • Help us show our outrage at this decision by sharing these images on social media (you can even use them for your profile picture!)
  • Consider a New Year’s resolution of supporting the campaign to stop destructive mining in the Galilee Basin. There are hundreds of ways you can contribute, but only you know your own skills and capacity. Please get in touch.
  • Investors the world over are recognising the financial prudence and need to withdraw support from fossil fuel investments. We urge all of our supporters to join with groups such as Market Forces and 350.org to ensure your savings are not helping support this and other mines!


Minister Hunt, we call on you to save Bimblebox from coal mining

December 17th, 2013