This is the site for Bimblebox Nature Refuge, an 8,000 hectare property in the Desert Uplands Bioregion of Central West Queensland. For more information about the refuge, its ecology, its wildlife and its history, click the relevant tabs above. On this page, we post regular updates on the campaign to prevent Bimblebox Nature Refuge from being destroyed by a proposed massive thermal coal project, as well as updates on “life at the refuge” as we work to maintain the property’s conservation values, year in and year out through summer heat, drought, extreme fire risk, flooding rains, isolation… etc! To join our mailing list (we send less than one email per month) click hereFind out how you can help protect Bimblebox from coal mining.

The Bimblebox Alliance Inc. (TBA) was formed in 2014 to bring together individuals and organisations who wish to protect high conservation areas from mining and other threats. Please go to Nature Refuges page to become a member of The Bimblebox Alliance Inc (TBA).

NEW: This 5 minute show depicts the history and the possible dire future of Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Our thanks to Tangible Media, Bob Brown, Sonya Duus, Mark Doyle and Karl Hoch. Please click on “HD” in the lower right-hand corner to ensure maximum colour and sound quality.