Maureen Cooper’s “Bimblebox: A Nature Refuge under Siege” is a wonderful introduction to both the natural history and social history of Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

“Bimblebox: A Nature Refuge under Siege” is more than a book – it is a place where science, art, politics, the law, history and passion meet. And they meet inside these covers with some urgency, as the fate of this remarkable place lies in the balance.

…This book will give you glimpses into the heart of critical issues: the birdlife, threatened and otherwise; the scientific and legally vexed issue of “biodiversity offsetting” and cumulative impacts; the crucial role of big ancient tree hollows, past and present political events and more.

Read, learn, be inspired, act.”

– Professor Hugh Possingham, The University of Queensland

It will tell you things about the wildlife you won’t read in material produced by Waratah Coal, that’s for sure!

For example, 154 bird species and 12 bird species of Conservation Significance for the Desert Uplands have been recorded at the refuge by Birds Australia (and BirdLife Southern Queensland) surveyors and scientists from 2003 through March 2014.

The book contains stories, poems, newspaper clippings, short essays, photos galore, a brief guide to wildlife, a brief history of the refuge, and a full list of plants and animals sighted at Bimblebox Nature Refuge so far.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our supporters this book.

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For more information about Maureen Cooper and her other projects, see the website.

Bimblebox - A Nature Refuge under Siege

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Where to find the book in person:

(Please get in touch if your organisation can help us here. Many thanks to the organisations below, for holding copies of the book on their premises!)

Author Maureen Cooper working to feed the crowd at the 2013 ‘Bimblebox Art Project’ visit to the refuge.


The Wilderness Society, Brisbane Office
Upstairs at 67 Boundary St, West End
(07) 3846 1420
Open Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
(The office is just to the right of the entrance to the carpark at the Coles complex)

The Centre for Social Change
969 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
(07) 3172 6086
(The Centre is directly across the road from the Emporium Complex.
The entrance for the Centre is at the rear of the building, on Croft Street,
which is off Chester Street. Please call first to check someone is in.)

Reverse Garbage
20 Burke St, Woolloongabba
(07) 3891 9744
Open Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm


— Barcaldine —

Desert Uplands Build-Up & Development Strategy Committee Office
39a Ash Street
(07) 4651 1002

— Mackay —

Mackay Conservation Group
The Environment Centre
156 Wood St
(07) 4953 0808

— Rockhampton —

Capricorn Conservation Council Environment Centre,
Haigh Park on Livermore St,
(07) 4927 8644
(The Centre is under the Fig Tree at the back of the Park.
Haigh Park is opposite the Base Hospital on North St.
Please call first to check someone is in.)

The Arcade News & Casket Shop 6
The Arcade East St
(07) 4922 2044

— Emerald —

Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre
3 Clermont St
Emerald QLD 4720
(07) 4982 4142



Beechworth Honey
31 Ford St
(03) 5728 1432
Open 7 days a week, 9am – 5:30pm

Maureen’s Place
Sugarloaf Lane
(03) 5728 1311
Please call to arrange a time and hear directions.


Email Sonya to arrange a pick up location in Canberra: