IMG_20150724_800x1126webBimblebox” the documentary explores the huge Australian coal export industry from the grassroots up. The people at Bimblebox Nature Refuge had the feeling that the harsh reality of the nation’s mining boom was happening behind the backs of most Australians. For them, the experience of intrusive coal exploration is all too real: their nature refuge lies in the path of the world’s largest coal mines. They decided that the best way to resist the “China First” project would be to show Aussies what has happening in their backyard. In 2010 they heard about an independent filmmaker in the USA and his renowned documentary, Mountaintop Removal. Mike O’Connell’s film was telling the world about resistance to coal mining in Appalachia, West Virginia. His new film, Bimblebox, is named for a major flashpoint in the conflict between coal and ecology in Australia. The story however is bigger that Bimblebox; it’s for anyone who cares about Australia, the environment, climate change, and the power of the coal industry. The fate of Bimblebox Nature Refuge is shown in the context of community responses to the massive expansion of coal and coal seam gas mining across the eastern states of Australia. The film was released in early 2012.

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