The owners and managers of Bimblebox Nature Refuge are inviting other nature refuge landholders to sign an open petition to protect nature refuges threatened by mineral interests.    

Queensland has a woeful record when it comes to biodiversity and conservation, and the current mining boom could make it a lot worse. The World Commission on Protected Areas has stated that increasing the size of national parks in Queensland will not be enough to save the states’ biodiversity. Private conservation areas are obviously going to play crucial role.

Because so much land of high conservation value is privately managed, landholders are encouraged and assisted in the hard work of protecting our natural assets as a matter of public interest. But despite being acknowledged for its high conservation value, much of this land is vulnerable to massive disruption. If extractable minerals are found these sanctuaries along with the time, trust and knowledge of the people involved, may be sacrificed for the temporary gain of an industry that has a sorry record and a dubious future.

For more information please email the Bimblebox team.

Nature Refuge Petition