In a surprise announcement, Anna Bligh has promised to protect Bimblebox Nature Refuge from Clive Palmer’s proposed “China First” mine!

Responding to the current  GetUp! campaign, Anna Bligh has stated (see full letter here):

“The Government is committed to ensuring the protection of nature refuges with high conservation values. I am advised the Commonwealth has assessed Bimblebox as having environmental values worthy of conservation as habitat.

Given this assessment, I can confirm that Labor’s policy would have the effect of ruling out mining in areas like the Bimblebox nature refuge.”

However, with the Queensland election to be held tomorrow and the polls suggesting a win for Campbell Newman and the LNP, the real pressure is now on Campbell Newman to step up to the plate and promise that he will not allow Bimblebox to be destroyed by the LNP’s largest donor, Clive Palmer.

Please spread this widely – we only have 24 hours to go before the election!

Bligh promises to protect Bimblebox! Will Newman do the same?